Just watched the latest episode of Top Chef Just Desserts (I think I am addicted to any cooking show…just ask my husband). The challenge was to make their dessert look like an iconic food from a country. The contestants did beef wellington, manicotti, and even a cuban sandwich.

This morning I was flipping through a magazine and found these cute cherry pie look-a-like cupcakes and thought this would be the perfect disguised dessert to make to be like a Top Chef Just Dessert contestant.

“Sweet As Pie” Cherry Pie Look-a-Like Cupcakes


The recipe looks easy too! You basically make your standard cupcakes and use red M&Ms as the cherries for the pie and then tint a little bit of your frosting to match the color of the pie crust. Add a few final touches and your plain cupcakes just turned into a work of art!

Until tomorrow, have a sweet day!

So lately I have not been the best at adding new blog posts on here. To be honest, it usually ends up that I wait until after dinner to think of something to write about for the day and then I can’t think of anything amazing. No excuses but I need to get back into it and what better way than to start blogging about product reviews. We have been sending out our edible cupcake toppers for Sweet’n Tots like crazy to bloggers lately to get the word out for the newest edition to our company and I thought…maybe I should try the review thing too! I found a great site that I can request products to review until I start to do more research for companies and then hopefully have giveaways for the products, too. Plus..it looks like fun 😉


So in the meantime, I’ll still blog about cool cupcake ideas I find and other great things happening at Sweet’n Treats and Sweet’n Tots but I definitely want to start reviewing new mom (and kid friendly) products to help other small businesses like us. Stay tuned!

I love this time of year and it is even more exciting this year since my daughter will be able to trick or treat. Last year, we put her in a cute lion costume for about 10 minutes because she was not having it. Hopefully we have better luck this year!  

Plenty of Halloween parties and Thanksgiving dinners will be here in no time so we added a few new fall themed edible cupcake toppers for Halloween and Thanksgiving!  Edible toppers are perfect for the school party or an easy way to make your dessert stand out on the Thanksgiving dessert table.

The new edible cupcake toppers are available at Sweet’n Treats!


Halloween Cupcake Toppers




Thanksgiving Cupcake Toppers