My favorite part of being a mommy is the fun and creative treats I can make for my daughter’s holiday parties at pre-school. Sometimes I feel I go a little overboard for some holidays since she is only 3 but I get excited to make them with her now. This year I found a few ideas from Pinterest and took a little piece from each to create my own St. Patty’s Day treat bags for her party on Monday.


This treat bag is easy to make and only takes a few dollars to make enough for your child’s class. Plus, it’s fun to make them with your little one since it’s only a few simply steps that they can help you do!


  • Wilton Party Cello Bags (4″x9.5″)
  • Bag of Rolos
  • Rainbow or Chevron Napkins
  • Little Debbie Shamrock Cookies
  • Header Tag (FREE Printables by She’s Kinda Crafty)
  • Stapler
  • Scissors


Like I said before, my idea came from a few pins from my St. Patty’s Day Pinterest board I started collecting last month and I made mine a little different because of the supplies I found. All of the supplies I needed came from Walmart.

First, gather your supplies. Next, add the napkin to the inside of the bag to create a background. I chose a bright and colorful rainbow chevron napkin that fits perfectly in the 4″ wide clear cello bags.


Next, add your cookie. The Little Debbie shortbread cookies are individually wrapped and look like green shamrocks that are perfect for this treat bag. I like the fact that they are wrapped so the cookie will not make a mess on the napkin background.


After you add the cookie, add some Rolos so they look like “gold” at the end of the rainbow (the rainbow napkin)!


Finally, add your treat bag header card. I simply just folded over the treat bag and stapled it to secure it to the cello bag. I found the “You’re The GOLD at the end of my RAINBOW” FREE PDF printable at She’s Kinda Crafty and put it in Photoshop to add my little touches to it. I put a rainbow behind the image plus added a special message from my daughter to her classmates. The card measures 4″ wide by 3″ tall so you can use glossy 4″x6″ photo paper to create 2 on a sheet.

Screen Shot 2014-03-16 at 1.04.16 PM


And here’s the final treat bags! So cute and very easy to put together. My daughter is so excited to hand these out to her classmates tomorrow!




If you are looking for another easy idea for St. Patty’s Day treats only using BlowPop lollipops and some gold coins, take a look at this “Over the Rainbow” post from last year.


Until next time, have a SWEET day! Bonnie

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I LOVE to bake and make yummy goodies! I guess you could have figured that one out by my blog and business… but I’m excited to review Castle Rock Essential Products’ Simply Essentials silicone baking mat and commercial baking sheet. You don’t understand how nice it is to get a NEW cookie baking sheet – it’s pretty bad when I put them on my Christmas shopping list for my family! What makes this review even better is the fact that I get to try out a silicone baking mat, too. I have used so much parchment paper the past few years and heard only good things about these silicone baking mats. For this review, I was given Simply Essentials Baking Mat and Baking Pan set.


DETAILS ABOUT THE PRODUCTS: Non stick baking mat, cookie sheet size (16 5/8 x 11 3/4 inches x .73 mm thick) with commercial grade baking pan. Silicone baking mat, similar to a silpat baking mat. Pro mat silicone baking mat for baking, cooking, roasting, etc.


Bake on it, freeze it, refrigerate on it and roast on it! Quit throwing away those expensive metal baking pans! Keeps your baking pan in good condition. You Do Not Need Oil, Butter, Cooking Spray or Parchment Paper to Bake with These Mats. One Year Guarantee.

Exceptional set baking mat and commercial grade baking pan by Simply Essentials Fits half size baking sheets 18 x 13 inches, BPA Safe, Easy to store, You can reuse 1000’s of times. Eliminates the need for cooking sprays, oils, butter or parchment paper, great for dieting saves calories.

Made of glass weave and food grade silicone baking mat. Easy to clean, just wipe with soap and hot water.


So I tested the commercial grade baking pan and baking mat with my three year old daughter by making the go-to cookie, chocolate chip cookies! Yum! We made the dough and it was very easy to use the products. Simply put the silicone mat on top of the baking sheet and you’re ready to go! We added our drops of cookie dough and watched them turn into delicious cookies. The cookies came out amazing – evenly cooked and very easy to remove from the baking sheet. Plus easy cleanup! Also, as an added bonus, I received a recipe guide with 100 Calorie Snack Recipes to try next time.


GIVEAWAY ALERT: So… our friends at Castle Rock Essential Products is very nice to offer my readers a chance to win their very own baking pan and silicone mat set. You need to enter this giveaway because everyone needs this baking set! Enter below for your chance to win! Good Luck!

WANT ONE NOW? Ok, no problem. You can order through the link below at their Amazon store. You’re in luck since they are on sale plus FREE Shipping for orders over $35. CLICK TO BUY YOUR SET

Until next time, have a SWEET day! Bonnie

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Screen Shot 2014-03-13 at 4.32.17 PM

Who wouldn’t want an eye care treatment that smoothes and replenishes delicate skin around eyes plus reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles? I found exactly that with Sundari Chamomile Eye Oil where I have been testing their product for the past few days.


ABOUT CHAMOMILE EYE OIL: Chamomile Eye Oil smoothes and replenishes delicate skin around eyes. Healing Chamomile Oil and Emollient Avocado Oil nourish and soften skin. Natural anti-oxidants, Vitamins A and E, nurture the skin and help to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.


  • Improves elasticity around eyes to minimize lines and wrinkles
  • Oils help to feed and replenish the skin naturally
  • To brighten and rejuvenate skin around eyes
  • Functions like a serum, providing a wealth of nutrients

Screen Shot 2014-03-13 at 4.32.23 PM

The Chamomile eye oil is very easy to use where you apply a drop of oil to the index finger and distribute over middle and ring finger. Tap over outer eye area. Avoid eyelids. Oil will get absorbed rapidly into skin. A little goes a long way with this product and I learned this after the first morning to only use a small droplet. This eye oil is perfect year round but even more important to use during the cold, harsh winter months we have here in NJ. It moisturizes very nicely and absorbs quickly enough to wear it under makeup.

In a 4 week clinical study, 64% users felt that their eyes looked smoother, had better texture and fewer lines and wrinkles. Users experienced 44% improvement in spacing of fine lines and 26% improvement in spacing of crows feet. In addition, 52% of users rated this product better than their current eye treatment product.


Herbal Fact: Chamomile
A yellow daisy-like flower in use for thousands of years, in products such as teas, cosmetics and fragrance, the scent is sweet with a fruity undertone that has rejuvenating effects on both the mind and the nervous system.

Ingredients: Simmondsia Chinensis (Jojoba) Seed Oil, Perseagratissima Avocado Oil, Aloe Barbadensis Gel, Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis (Sweet Almond) Oil, Anthemis Nobilis (Chamomile) Oil, Cymbopogon Martini Oil, Retinol, Ascorbic Acid, Ascorbyl Palmitate, Tocopherol.

Thank you for Sundari for letting me test and review their Chamomile Eye Oil. It is the perfect addition to my skin-care regimen and the best part is the packaging. You’ll just have to purchase your own Chamomile Eye Oil to see what I’m talking about. You can place an order for Sundari at their online store at

Until next time, have a SWEET day! Bonnie
I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Disclosure: I got this product as part of an advertorial.

Screen Shot 2014-03-06 at 4.35.21 PM


I have been using PURE Glass Bottle the past few days as part of my New Year’s resolution. My resolution was to drink more water through out the day and boy have I been buying a lot of bottled water since January. BUT – I am so thankful for this review for PURE where I was given an Explorer style (25 oz) reusable glass bottle that I can take anywhere.Screen Shot 2014-03-06 at 4.38.06 PM

The PURE glass bottle is very difficult to break because of the exterior clear safety coating where the coating strengthens the bottle. The bottle itself is very heavy duty and with the clear coating, it keeps all the glass and liquid adhered inside the bottle if the bottle does break. Glass makes your drink taste better and keeps your beverage colder longer. Perfect for in the car, going to the gym or at home working in my office since there is no mess of sharp glass shards and liquid to clean up if it did break. I have a 3 year old at home and cannot count how many times she has dropped a glass of juice or milk on the floor!

Screen Shot 2014-03-06 at 4.41.10 PM

PURE Safe-Shell Glass Bottle is the only clear coated reusable glass bottle on the market with a permanent coating. Other glass bottles have coverings and sleeves that need to be removed. Some other glass bottles have 4 and 5 parts to clean and assemble; parts that can be lost or misplaced. The PURE Explorer only has 2 parts; the bottle and the cap.

Screen Shot 2014-03-06 at 4.37.24 PM

I love the fact that it is convenient at home where I can fill up the glass bottle with filtered water and go about my day. My favorite parts are spending less money on plastic water bottles as well as helping the environment. In a normal day, I can drink quite a few bottles of water and this doesn’t even include my husband and daughter. With the PURE reusable glass bottle, I can fill the bottle up and not worry about recycling the plastic bottles or running out to the store to buy more since we ran out. The image below is from PURE’s website where it compares glass vs. plastic and it amazes me how much we help by drinking from a reusable bottle.


BUT guess what! Our friends at PURE Glass Bottle is nice enough to offer our readers one of their very own PURE Safe-Shell Explorer Style Clear Coated Reusable Glass Bottle. It’s easy to enter with the giveaway below. Share this with your friends and family so they can have a chance to win one, too!

Until next time, have a SWEET day! Bonnie

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Disclosure: I got this product as part of an advertorial.

Screen Shot 2014-03-06 at 4.00.35 PM

This past week I have been testing a great new addition to my skin-care products by Amara Organics called Vitamin C Serum where it replenishes your skin’s vitamin C levels to prevent and reverse skin aging. You can find their Vitamin C Serum at their Amazon store. Click Here to Purchase.


Enjoy radiant, youthful skin again with Amara Organic’s potent blend of ingredients, professionally formulated using the highest quality Vitamin C, E, and Hyaluronic Acid available.

Forget the facelift, lasers, and chemical peels! Vitamin C has been shown to be just as effective at reversing the effects of time and environmental damage to the skin.

Notice brighter, smoother skin after your first use of our Vitamin C Serum. As the serum penetrates deep into your skin, you can feel confident knowing you are reversing skin aging and preventing further damage at the same time.



  • Replenish your skin’s vitamin C levels to prevent and reverse skin aging
  • Stimulate collagen production to reduce fine lines and wrinkles
  • Powerful antioxidants reduce the number of sun-damaged cells and neutralize free radicals, reversing skin damage and discoloration
  • Refines skin texture, making your skin appear more radiant and youthful
  • Sun-protecting properties defend your skin against environmental damage


ABOUT THE COMPANY AMARA ORGANICS: Amara Organics is committed to using the highest quality natural and organic ingredients in their skin care products. The cutting-edge formulations will deliver results. Each of the products goes through a careful selection process and extensive clinical testing before it ever reaches the public.

Here is a list of ingredients that are NOT found in our products:

  • No Petrochemicals
  • No Parabens
  • No Artificial colors
  • No Sodium Lauryl/Laureth Sulfates
  • No DMDM Hydantoin/Diazonial Urea
  • No EDTA
  • No TEA, DEA, or MEA
  • No Phthalates
  • No Methylisothiazolineone

Screen Shot 2014-03-06 at 4.00.10 PM

MY REVIEW: I had the opportunity this past week to sample Amara Organics Vitamin C Serum and noticed a big difference with how my skin looked and felt. Each morning and night, I applied a small amount of the serum to my clean face and neck. I instantly felt my skin feel smoother and you could see the natural glow start to come back since it’s been a harsh, cold winter here in NJ. The serum is lightweight and non-greasy so it’s great to apply in the morning before moisturizer and make-up. This is an amazing addition to my skin-care products and happy to be able to use their product.

Until next time, have a SWEET day!


I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Disclosure: I got this product as part of an advertorial.


I am loving Ageless Derma! This is my third product I was able to test and review for Ageless Derma. This time I was lucky to receive Ageless Derma Camoufleur Concealer where is this part of their extensive line of anti-aging mineral makeup that prevents wrinkles with Vitamin A, E, and green tea.

Screen Shot 2014-02-23 at 12.45.28 PM

ABOUT AGELESS DERMA CAMOUFLEUR CONCEALER: It is ideal for covering up imperfections of the skin such as scars or brown spots or port wine stains that distract from the skin’s beauty. This versatile mineral make up concealer provides a natural look that is long lasting and will also cover those dark circles beneath the eyes, so it is an anti-aging makeup that will conceal those visible signs of aging.

Screen Shot 2014-02-23 at 12.45.57 PM

I chose the Ageless Derma Camoufleur Concealer in the Ivory skin tone and it matched perfectly. This past week I had a few breakouts on my face. I tried the concealer under my eyes for my dark circles as well as for a few blemishes I had on my chin. The concealer is a little heavier than what I am used to for an everyday under eye concealer but it worked perfectly for my blemish on my chin. After using the concealer, a little goes a long way so you do not need much to cover any scars, redness or other skin imperfections. Ageless Derma does recommend using the camouflage brush to provide longer lasting coverage so you will utilize less concealer. I took before and after photos of my chin with my blemish. As you can see, it worked great by covering the redness well all with a natural look. I notice a lot of concealers can look “caked on” but this was not the case with Ageless Derma.






FROM THE COMPANY: With a natural look and a creamy formula that will revitalize your skin with coverage that is flawless and healthy for your skin, you will love Ageless Derma Camoufleur Concealer. It is a 100% mineral make-up that comes in beautiful shades to cover any skin’s imperfections, plus it is free of parabens.

As an anti aging cream makeup, this concealer contains Vitamins A and E  and green tea extracts to revitalize and heal the skin, protecting it from further damage and healing the damage already done.  The product is a creamy anti aging skin cream concealer that comes in gorgeous shades suitable for any complexion.

The Ageless Derma Camoufleur Concealer also contains apple extract, cetyl esters and horseradish.   The apple extract helps to bright those dark spots on the face as it also fights acne and adds antioxidant protection to the skin for anti aging skin cream benefits.


Thank you again to Ageless Derma for another great anti-aging mineral makeup. Show them some love by visiting their WEBSITE to find out more information about their mineral make-up and skin care products. Also, save 20% storewide by using code AGELESS during checkout. PLUS they also offer FREE SHIPPING on all domestic orders. What a great deal!

Screen Shot 2014-02-23 at 12.46.29 PM

Until next time, have a SWEET day! Bonnie
I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.