I participated in an Influencer Activation on behalf of Influence Central for Charmin. I received product samples and a promotional item to thank me for my participation.” #IC #MC #TweetFromTheSeat

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With the holidays in full swing, I was grateful to test and review a few of Charmin products, including Charmin Ultra Strong and Charmin Ultra Soft toilet tissue since we usually have so many parties and events at our house.

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I’m not sure why but most of the holiday parties are at our house. I love entertaining and I love the holiday spirit. From the lights and decorations to the delicious cookies and desserts, it is my most favorite time of the year. You get to reconnect with people you have not seen in awhile and enjoy each other’s company. We host Thanksgiving as well as a holiday party each year plus also our big families are always over to visit.

I received the samples right before Thanksgiving and added the Charmin Ultra Soft toilet tissue to all 3 of our bathrooms that guests can use. It is extra soft and this toilet tissue characteristic is one of those things I think people “judge” you when at your home. Well, maybe it’s just me… Ha!

We are always a little cautious when we have a large group of people over since our house is over 100 years old and we are not connected to our city’s sewer system, however, with Charmin’s Clog Safe, Septic Safe guarantee, we felt comfortable at our latest holiday gathering of over 20 people. Also, Charmin has teamed up Roto-Rooter, America’s largest provider of plumbing and drain services. Roto-Rooter recommends Charmin more than any other brand and has their stamp of approval.

The rolls lasted longer than other brands we have used in the past since a little bit goes a long way. With both Charmin Ultra Soft and Ultra Soft, you can use up to 4X less toilet tissue. Wow!

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Take a look at my video blog about using Charmin in our house during the holiday season. It is my first video blog so be kind…


Interested in finding out more about Charmin products? Click on these links below to get started:





Until next time, have a SWEET day! Bonnie

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My daughter loves anything Disney Princess and one of her favorites is Princess Ariel from the Little Mermaid. I recently had the opportunity to make my daughter’s day by reviewing a Little Mermaid costume from Wholesale Halloween Costumes. I ordered the Disney Ariel Sparkle Classic Childrens’ Costume in size small.

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The shipping was very quick and my daughter could not wait to open her surprise that came in the mail for her. Here are a few photos of her in her Little Mermaid costume. She has worn it almost everyday since we received it. She is too cute!

Click to see more Little Mermaid costumes plus other great costumes. They have so many to pick from – you think of the theme or character and Wholesale Halloween Costumes has it! My daughter had her costume on watching the movie and singing Part of Your World. It was the cutest thing ever!




Thank you again to Wholesale Halloween Costumes for this great opportunity. I am one cool mom according to my three year old daughter! Until next time, have a SWEET day!

My favorite part of being a mommy is the fun and creative treats I can make for my daughter’s holiday parties at pre-school. Sometimes I feel I go a little overboard for some holidays since she is only 3 but I get excited to make them with her now. This year I found a few ideas from Pinterest and took a little piece from each to create my own St. Patty’s Day treat bags for her party on Monday.


This treat bag is easy to make and only takes a few dollars to make enough for your child’s class. Plus, it’s fun to make them with your little one since it’s only a few simply steps that they can help you do!


  • Wilton Party Cello Bags (4″x9.5″)
  • Bag of Rolos
  • Rainbow or Chevron Napkins
  • Little Debbie Shamrock Cookies
  • Header Tag (FREE Printables by She’s Kinda Crafty)
  • Stapler
  • Scissors


Like I said before, my idea came from a few pins from my St. Patty’s Day Pinterest board I started collecting last month and I made mine a little different because of the supplies I found. All of the supplies I needed came from Walmart.

First, gather your supplies. Next, add the napkin to the inside of the bag to create a background. I chose a bright and colorful rainbow chevron napkin that fits perfectly in the 4″ wide clear cello bags.


Next, add your cookie. The Little Debbie shortbread cookies are individually wrapped and look like green shamrocks that are perfect for this treat bag. I like the fact that they are wrapped so the cookie will not make a mess on the napkin background.


After you add the cookie, add some Rolos so they look like “gold” at the end of the rainbow (the rainbow napkin)!


Finally, add your treat bag header card. I simply just folded over the treat bag and stapled it to secure it to the cello bag. I found the “You’re The GOLD at the end of my RAINBOW” FREE PDF printable at She’s Kinda Crafty and put it in Photoshop to add my little touches to it. I put a rainbow behind the image plus added a special message from my daughter to her classmates. The card measures 4″ wide by 3″ tall so you can use glossy 4″x6″ photo paper to create 2 on a sheet.

Screen Shot 2014-03-16 at 1.04.16 PM


And here’s the final treat bags! So cute and very easy to put together. My daughter is so excited to hand these out to her classmates tomorrow!




If you are looking for another easy idea for St. Patty’s Day treats only using BlowPop lollipops and some gold coins, take a look at this “Over the Rainbow” post from last year.


Until next time, have a SWEET day! Bonnie

Last year, I bought one of those cheesey advent calendars for my 2 year old daughter to show her how many days until Santa visits her for being a good girl. It was a cardboard calendar filled with small chocolate candies that didn’t taste very good ;(

I remember saying to myself “next year I’ll make one to fill with fun treats and special prizes for my daughter” since the one I bought just wasn’t cutting it. I saw a really cute advent calendar at Target the other day but couldn’t imagine paying close to $25 for it so I decided to be crafty and make my own… all with supplies found around my house.


· 16″x16″ corrugated cardboard

· Wrapping Paper

· 4 sheets of tissue paper

· (24) 5 oz. plastic cups

· (24) small rubber bands

· Candy, Prizes and Treats that fit inside the 5 oz. cups

· Hot Glue Gun, Scissors, Tape, Ruler

· OPTIONAL: White Paint, Numbers 1-24, 1.5″ Round Craft Punch

Ok, so you collected your supplies and ready to start! I found a scrap piece of corrugated cardboard in the basement from an old box I had and it measured 16″x16″. This is a great size for your calendar but you can create your calendar however big (or small).

I wrapped the piece of cardboard with festive Christmas wrapping paper. I actually bought new paper yesterday but any type of holiday design on the wrapping paper will work.

Next, take your (24) 5 oz. plastic cups and place them on top of the cardboard to create a layout for the design. I had these cups up in our bathroom that I use for rinsing out my daughter’s mouth after brushing her teeth and they fit perfectly. I chose to do 5 rows of 5 cups with the last row only have 4 cups though. Laying them out before adhering them to the cardboard helps to create an uniform look for the calendar.

Now, heat up your hot glue gun and attach each cup to the cardboard by adding glue to the base of each cup.


Next, take your sheets of tissue paper and start cutting them into 4″x4″ squares. I chose red and white tissue paper to match the design of the wrapping paper. I took 2 pieces of the same color tissue paper and cut them together since you will need 48 total squares of the tissue paper for this project.

Now comes the fun! Pick out small prizes, candy, and treats from your local store. I picked up most of the special surprises at the $1 bin section at Target yesterday but make sure they are small enough to fit into the cups.


Add the treats into the cups and then it’s time to cover them with the tissue paper. Take 2 pieces of the tissue paper and cover the top opening of the cup. Take the small rubber band and wrap it around the cup so the tissue is secure. Continue with all 24 cups.


OPTIONAL: Next, I printed the numbers 1-24 from a word document to glue onto each cup to show the calendar dates. I punched the numbers out with a small 1.5″ round craft punch. For a few dollars spent on the small treats, this turned out great.

OPTIONAL: I also painted the cups on the outside edges of the calendar with a little white paint since the plastic cups are clear and I didn’t want my daughter to see the surprises inside of them. Next time I would like to find some decorative cups so I can skip this step altogether.

And here’s the finished advent calendar! You can hang your calendar up on the wall or we have ours on our dining room side banquet table so it is easily accessible to my daughter each day. I cannot wait to start this tomorrow on December 1st and continue to do this each year!

Happy Holidays + Have a Sweet Day!  Bonnie

It’s been a few weeks since a holiday came around to make a cute + fun treat for my daughter’s school classmates and I was very excited to create this adorable “Over the Rainbow” St. Patrick’s Day treats.

I am always looking online for simple + easy ways to turn a little snack or treat into something to remember for my daughter’s school parties and the printable treat holder I found at Tip Junkie was perfect that was originally created by Simple as That.

The template can be found on the Simple as That website and easily printed to start your project. Simply print (document size is 4X6), punch two holes on the left side of the cloud to slide a lollipop in and you’re done. These would make a cute (and inexpensive) treat to send in the kids lunches for St. Patrick’s Day or for them to give out to their classmates. The blog calls for Rainblo gum centered pops but we opted for Jolly Rancher pops instead since my daughter is too young for bubble gum.

To make it a little cuter.. I found gold chocolate coins to add to each treat bag so it looks like a bonus to find “gold at the end of the rainbow”.

TAH-DAH…the treats in their sweet little bags tied with a green ribbon. I just dropped them off with my daughter for her school party today so hopefully everyone will LOVE them. I usually make some kind of baked treat but thought this was a better idea that was cute + easy to make. The hardest part was printing and cutting out the cloud printable template 😉


Until next time, have a sweet day! Easter is early this year and now I cannot wait to find another {SWEET} treat to make for my daughter’s school party!