New Favorite: StackerMallows


Who doesn’t love making s’mores? They are so easy to make with a campfire or even in the microwave for a quick dessert …and such a great crowd pleaser,too!

With the fall weather here, I fell in love with these new marshmallows by Kraft called StackerMallows.  I saw them today in a food magazine but I have not seen them in our local grocery stores though.  They are thin, rectangle-shaped marshmallows that are the perfect size to fit a graham cracker for s’mores!



My husband and I had a few people over this past Friday night for a bonfire and these would have come in handy. I’ll keep my eye out for them since we will be using the fire pit a lot more now that the weather is little chiller.  If you know any stores that carry them, please let m know!

Until tomorrow, have a sweet day!



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