I have to admit that I am very happy to have found BzzAgent, “the leading social marketing company that puts products in the hands of real consumers and help them share their opinion about them with friends and family via reviews, Facebook posts, photos and videos, blog posts and more”.

I signed up to be a BzzAgent and received my FIRST BzzCampaign at the beginning of February where I received in the mail coupons to receive a FREE Glade Expressions Fragrance Mister Starter Kit, another coupon for a FREE Glade Expressions Oil Diffuser Start Kit, PLUS plenty of coupons to share with anyone.

{FROM THE BZZAGENT SITE} The Glade Expressions® Collection is inspired by art and designed to be left out on display. These authentic, easy-to-use home fragrance products release scents that open up note by note, filling your home with lightly layered fragrances and inviting life in.

On my next trip to the store, I went searching for these two items but had a hard time finding them at my local grocery store. I only found the Glade Expressions Fragrance Mist Starter Kit but the coupon did not cover the entire cost of the product so I had to put it back {SIGH}. About a week later, I ventured out to Walmart to pick up some goodies for my daughter’s pre-school party and that’s when it hit me to pull the coupons out of my purse and look for the Glade Expressions products while I was here.

JACKPOT! My local Walmart had two fragrances of the Fragrance Mister Starter Kit to choose from: Pineapple and Mangosteen or Cotton & Italian Mandarin. I am a sucker for anything smelling like fresh laundry so I chose this one since the fragrance is described as a “breezy blend of pure cotton and sparkling citrus evokes the comforts of home”. SOLD. Next, I looked for the Oil Diffuser Starter Kit and  they had two style options available: Pineapple & Mangosteen or Lavender & Juniper Berry. I’m not a big fan of lavender so I decided to try something different and go with the Pineapple & Mangosteen…PLUS the light natural wood tone of the bamboo design holder matched perfectly to a number of rooms in our house. The fragrance is described as a “lush with the fresh-cut scents of the tropics, it’s the quickest way to an exotic paradise”. Sounds good to me.

I continued to pick up some odds + ends from my shopping list and went to checkout where I was a little nervous using my FREE coupons since this was my first experience picking up free products to review….but it was SUPER EASY. No problems at all and I even chatted to the cashier and women behind me about the Glade Expressions products. I brought the extra coupons to hand out and gave one to the woman behind me but the cashier said no thank you since she was working.

{REVIEW} Glade Expressions® Fragrance Mist comes in a chic holder that blends with your décor for a burst of fragrance that’s always out and available. Simply squeeze to release a long-lasting, light mist of fragrance; then refill the holder with your favorite true-to-life scent. Ok…time to test these products out. I quickly opened the products when I got home to place around my house. I first tried the Glade Expressions Fragrance Mist and sprayed this in our living room plus on the area rug ad couches. What a great smell and works instantly. It seems during the cold winter months, our dogs do not leave the living room since there is a fireplace and warm doggie blankets for them but after a few months of keeping the windows closed – I need it to start smelling nice again. Glade Expression Cotton & Italian Mandarin did the trick! I’m keeping it right in the living room where it can be accessed quickly and looks nice right on top of the fireplace mantle. I didn’t even take the label off since there is a nice design on it that matches our living room decor.

The only thing about the Fragrance Mist Starter Kit is that I’m not sure why its considered a Starter Kit? I understand that you twist the refill out of the refillable holder but it looks just like most others in the spray bottle design. I did notice in the coupon booklet that one of the fragrances does come with a stainless steel look refillable holder which looks very nice compared to the white plastic holder I received with the Cotton & Mandarin fragrance.

Alrighty…onto the my other fun product: The Glade Expressions® Oil Diffuser releases authentic and exotic fragrances without having to plug it in or find batteries. The trendy holder matches décor perfectly – and is also refillable – making it an effective, stylish option for layering true-to-life fragrances that last throughout your living spaces. I am a big fan of the plug-in diffusers and have used them all the time. I liked the fact that this can sit on your counter top or shelf discreetly without taking up precious electric plug space.  I wanted to try something different since I already found a familiar fragrance with the Mist Starter Kit and chose Pineapple & Mangosteen. The starter kit comes with 1 diffuser card, 1 oil bottle and 1 bamboo holder. Very easy to click the diffuser card in place to activate the fragrance. {WOW – I LOVE THIS SMELL} I ended up putting the bamboo holder in the kitchen counter since it matched nicely with the wooden cabinets and other decor.

It reminded me of summer + the beach + being barefoot. When you walked into the kitchen, you are automatically surrounded with a sweet smell of the tropics and I could image a fruity drink in my hand. The only downfall, which I have seen with several other brands of oil diffusers is the fragrance disappears quickly. The package states “30 days of long-lasting fragrance”, however, after about a week of keeping the oil diffuser in the kitchen, you could barely smell it. It is a very faint fragrance now and just wished it lasted longer.

Overall, my first BzzAgent review: I am extremely happy with the products from Glade Expressions. It would have been nice to receive the actual product in the mail instead of hunting them down in the stores but it gave me the opportunity to talk to other people about the Glade Expressions product lines. I have a few coupons left over and plan on bringing them with me to hand out at my bowling league to share. I am excited to continue to work with BzzAgent with many more products.

Until next time, have a sweet day! Bonnie

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