I always love giving a creative handmade gift for baby and bridal showers. This weekend, our family celebrated a bridal shower for my sister-in-law and I knew what I could make as part of her gift. I always see such cute diaper cakes and thought how could I put a spin on it to make it suitable for a bride to be???

Let’s make a towel cake with cooking utensils instead!

Listed below are the items you will need to make this towel cake, step-by-step instructions as well as photos of the finished gift. {Sorry there are no step by step photos to match the directions…I was putting it together as I made it}


  • (1) 10″ round cake board covered in decorative wrapping paper
  • (5) dish towels
  • (2) oven / hot pad
  • 4-5 kitchen cooking utensils & gadgets
  • Tulle or Ribbon
  • Bow/Ribbons for decoration
  • Pins or Rubber Bands
  • Packaging Tape


This towel cake was easy to assemble and took a little less than 30 minutes from start to finish.


  • Cover the 10″ round cake board with wrapping paper to match the colors of the bridal shower or to match the colors of the towel set.
  • Starting with the bottom larger layer, roll (1) oven hot pad tightly and secure with the pins. I used sewing pins but safety pins or rubber bands would work too
  • Roll (3) dish towels around the oven pad, one at a time. I used 2 white towels and then 1 decorative towel for the outside. Secure with sewing pins
  • Add tulle or thick ribbon to secure the bottom towel cake layer together
  • To adhere the bottom layer to cake board, use double sided tape or packaging tape to hold it to the board for easy transportation


  • Wrap the second oven hot pad tightly together and secure with pins
  • Roll (2) white dish towels around the oven pad, one at a time. Secure with sewing pins. Roll last decorative towel around the white ones and secure with pins
  • Add tulle or thick matching ribbon to secure the top towel cake layer together
  • To adhere the layer to the bottom layer, I used pins to attach them together


DECORATIONS: Now the Fun Part!

  • Add the utensils by sliding them in between the towels of the bottom layer. I found matching spoons to pull the color scheme together. I also added some fun recipe cards and measuring spoons
  • Add a fun bow and ribbon to the top to cover where the towels and hot pad are rolled and you’re all done
  • I also added white tulle to wrap the whole towel cake to easier transportation since I didn’t want to hide it in a bag.


This towel cake would be great as a gift with some of the kitchen utensils and gadgets that the bride chose on her wedding registry OR even if you are hosting the shower…it would be nice centerpieces for the tables.


Until next time, have a SWEET day! Bonnie




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August 17th is National Thiftshop Day!

I’m back to finding strange holidays and I guess National Thiftshop Day is a perfect way to start 😉

“Thriftshop” is an old term for stores that sell items deeply discounted merchandise.  It’s not always the highest quality, but the price is right.  It’s all about being crafty and creative on a budget!

You know these stores better today as Goodwill and dollar stores.  I personally love both of these types of stores since you can find great items that are inexpensive as well as gently used or even new items from department stores.  The shelves are overflowing with candlestick holders, mix-n-match plates, serving dishes, and linens.

How about making your own cupcake and cake stands? Very easy to do and a trip to your local thrift shop is all that is needed!

Repurposed Cake Stand

Thank you to Crafty Nest where I found easy instructions on how to make your own repurposed dessert stands.



Supplies & Tools

  • plate
  • vase, pedestal bowl, candlestick, etc. (look for a wide base and a flat top)
  • epoxy (I used Elmer’s epoxy cement)
  • craft sticks or Q-tips with the cotton removed from the ends
  • scrap cardboard or paper plate
  • paper towel or rag
  • nail polish remover

1. Clean and dry both dishes well. Find the center of the plate. Mark the spot if you need to. Mix the epoxy according to the package directions, then apply a thin coat to the top of your base using a craft stick. Don’t touch the epoxy with your bare hands.



2. Turn the base upside down, and place in the center of the bottom of the plate. Work quickly but carefully because the epoxy dries fast. While the glue is still tacky, remove any excess with a paper towel and nail polish remover.

3. Place a heavy book on top to hold the base down. Let dry overnight. These cake stands are not dishwasher safe, so gently wash them by hand.






Another idea…

How about making a cute “cupcake” gift with washcloths?



You can find a wide array of colors and patterns. Add some matching ribbon and place into a cupcake liner to make a cute cupcake gift.  You can even get creative with the presentation and place it into a small single cupcake box that you can find at your local craft stores in the baking aisle.

Perfect gift for a bridal shower, baby shower, birthday or just because.  You can even use a baby onesie instead of a washcloth for the mom-to-be! My sister made one for her gift at my baby shower. It was one of my favorite gifts that day 😉  …she is so creative!





And this is just because … it made me smile 😉



I think I may need to find this sign and hang it in my office!


Until tomorrow, have a sweet day!