Ahoy there! Let’s have a pirates party!


There are so many creative and fun decorations and activities to make for a pirates themed party.  All coordinating balloons, plates, napkins, cups and utensils can be found at www.birthdayexpress.com






To get the pirate theme started, find some great clipart graphics to make your own invitations to send to your child’s special guests.



Treasure Maps & Treasure Chest Favors

Instead of using favor bags for the kids, use treasure chest filled with candy, gold coins and even add an eye patch.  But the best part is to create treasure maps for the kids (and adults) to find the treats!  You can create your own map on construction paper.  Draw the layout of the party with markers and make a few different “X” marks the spot areas so everyone can find their own treasure chest. Give each party guest a map and let them find the treats! I’ve done this so many times for friends and family to find their birthday presents.


Party Snacks

In the photo collage above, a great party food are the “eye ball” deviled eggs! Prepare your deviled eggs as usual. The trick to make these look like eye balls is adding a sliced olive to make the eye and also roasted red pepper to make the eye look bloodshot. Display on a platter on top of some black beans!


Desserts: Pirate Cupcakes


How cute are these cupcakes! A nice way to incorporate the pirates theme with dessert.


Pirates Edible Cookie & Cupcake Toppers

Don’t have time to make these very decorative cupcakes? Try Sweet’n Treats edible cupcake toppers! We have a matching pirates theme that are very easy to use. Just remove the protective backing and apply the edible topper to the top of any frosted cupcake or cookie. It’s that easy!

The edible toppers are available at: http://www.sweetntreats.com/products/cctoppers/kids.html. You can purchase them for $9/dozen.

Printable Pirates Cupcake Toppers

Or maybe you’re crafty and want to make cupcake toppers!

Try Sweet’n Treats Printables! The same matching pirates theme for DIY cupcake toppers.  You’ll receive a template with 12 2-inch graphics ready to be used for so many party projects.  They are great not just for cupcake toppers but invitations, stickers, favor labels, banners, napkin rings, and even scrapbooking!

Not sure what supplies you might need or even how to make the cupcake toppers? Don’t worry, here’s some instructions: http://www.sweetntreats.com/products/freebies/index.html

DIY Pirates Eye Patch

Follow these easy instructions from ChicaandJo.com to make pirate eye patches for all of the party guests!

They also have instructions and templates to make flags, goody bags and more!

Until tomorrow, have a sweet day!




What a weekend! We celebrated our daughter’s first birthday on Sunday and I have finally had the chance to upload some of the photos from her special day!


The party theme and decor colors were pink and lime green polka dots with a mod monkey design. Everything came together just as I imagined 😉


Welcome Signs

My biggest worry for the day was the chance of rain since we were planning on having it outside. Luckily, it didn’t rain but we ended up with a hot and humid afternoon.

Table Centerpieces

Outside Table Centerpieces

Box of Ribbons Centerpiece

Dessert Table Decorations

Pom Pom Flowers Centerpiece

Pom Pom Flowers Centerpiece

Happy Birthday Pennant

A Happy Birthday pennant in matching decor colors hung in the dining room with all of the food and desserts.

First Year Photo Banner

Each month with a baby picture

I wanted to display Grace each month and see how she has changed over one year. I first thought about putting her monthly photo in small frames and putting them on a side table but came up with this idea that saved a lot of space.  Each photo was cut into a circle and the month numbers used the same design from the welcome sign. I connected each one with matching brown ribbon and hung it from one of our mantle shelves in the living room. I received so many compliments on it that day!

The Mod Monkey Edible Cupcake Toppers are NOW available on our website to purchase!  Choose from PINK, GREEN or BLUE.  The edible toppers are sold by the dozen and are $9/dozen.


Cupcakes on Stand with Giant Cupcake Smash Cake

Giant Cupcake on the Cupcake Stand

For the main centerpiece on the table I made a 3 tier cupcake stand with Grace’s giant cupcake smash cake on top and standard cupcakes for the guests on the lower tiers. This cupcake stand was created with soup cans, cake rounds, wrapping paper, and ribbon! Saved a lot of money and barely took anytime to put together. I can use the stand again or I can change the color of the each tier by wrapping it in different paper! The cupcakes featured an array of toppers: edible cupcake toppers, printables and fondant decorations.

Edible Cupcake Toppers

3 Tier Cupcake Stand

Giant Cupcake Smash Cake

As for the giant cupcake smash cake, Grace LOVED it! I used the giant cupcake pan that bakes the cake in 2 separate pieces and then you put them together with frosting. I originally was going to cover the bottom with fondant but to be honest…ran out of time so I had to think of something quick and easier to make the base of the cupcake look clean. So I took some white chocolate chips, melted them in the microwave and added green candy dye. I took the cake pan to use as a mold and coated the cupcake bottom section with 2 layers of chocolate …let it harden in the refrigerator for 30 minutes and popped it out. I had to shave down the actual cake bottom to fit into the chocolate mold. Then I added the pink frosting with some chocolate sprinkles!

…and the finished giant cupcake smash cake!

Birthday Girl with Her Cake!

Grace was not shy at all to dig into her cake 😉

Favorite Photo!

High Chair Decorations!

What a great weekend! A lot of work but definitely worth it.

Until tomorrow, have a sweet night!

July 21st is National Junk Food Day!

Also, today starts our Share the Love Giveaway that many people saw in our newsletter that was sent out last night. To get the details on how you can win a $25 gift certificate to our shop, join our mailing list at www.sweetntreats.com and you will receive our newsletter with the giveaway info. GOOD LUCK to everyone!

Back to Junk Food Day… 


To some people, every day is Junk Food Day. For the rest of us, National Junk Food Day is an opportunity to guiltlessly eat your favorite junk food.



Dietitians will tell you that junk food is any food that contains little nutritional value. We also include foods that are high in salts, fats, and sugars. In other words, junk food is all that tasty stuff that the dietitians, and Mom, consider to be bad for us.

On Junk Food Day, you get to eat anything you want. Eat any amounts that you want, too. Tomorrow, however, it’s back to a healthy diet.




I found a few interesting ways to use junk food, not only in cupcakes but also as gift ideas and even art! Take a look…

So how about a wedding cake made out of Hostess snacks. This couple definitely wins for the most creative wedding cake.  I want to be the person that gets a pink Sno Ball!



Need a creative gift idea? How about a Junk Food Gift Bouquet! This beats flowers any day! Easy DIY gift for your favorite snacker…or maybe a funny Father’s Day or Birthday gift?

Deluxe Junk Food Bouquet


Instead of making a Diaper Cake for your next family or friend’s baby shower…perhaps a Snickers Candy Cake? What pregnant woman would not want some chocolate! This is even a great idea for a kid’s party as a centerpiece and then the kids can take the candy to put in their goodie favor bag! To make the goodie bags even more personalize, you can use our Printables where you can create custom favor thank you tags for all the children!

Snickers Candy Cake


Ok, so onto the cupcakes! Wouldn’t you love a Butterfinger or Almond Joy or even Peppermint Patty Inspired cupcake – yes, please! Check out all of these great recipes from Pardon My Crumbs to try out at your next party!

Peppermint Patties Cupcake
Almond Joy Cupcakes
Butterfinger Cupcakes


Would you like your portrait made of junk food? I guess Rosie O’Donnell did!


You won’t find a paintbrush in Jason Mecier’s studio. The mosaic portrait artist’s representations of famous faces — including Rosie O’Donnell, Rachael Ray, and Jerry Seinfeld — are made out of candy, potato chips, cookies, and other edible goodies.


Our newly refreshed page has gone live! New features include a Freebies section, Printables (Print your Own) cupcake toppers, search from any page, new shopping cart, new cupcake toppers, new cake toppers, refer a friend program, favorites page, Party Bundles (2 dozen cupcake toppers and a cake topper, new discounts (spend $30 and get $5 off), and even more features, both useful and cosmetic!

We’re also going to be announcing a brand new HUGE addition to Sweet’n Treats…..Sweet’n Tots!  A way for parents to design a cartoon image of their own kids!  Even better is that this will be vector based so it can be used on any of our products OR be purchased seperately to be used on paper products, invitations, cards, or anything else you would like.  You’re going to love it!

Please check out the page, leave a comment and let us know what you think.