Happy Labor Day!  We had a busy but great weekend with the highlight of a Barnyard Animal Themed Party!  We went to visit my cousin for her son’s, Nicholas, first birthday on Saturday.  My cousin did an amazing job with over the top decorations, food, and even a petting zoo for the kids.


The happy little family above: Farmer Nicholas, Jaime and Todd.




All of the decorations were so adorable and I really want to throw Grace a birthday party with this same theme…maybe in a couple of years though since I am still recovering from her birthday party a few weeks ago.  She created a cute Happy Birthday banner on red card stock circles and attached the letters made from black and white polka dot card stock.  Then hung them up with clothes pins! With the addition of the corn and cow balloons, straw hay bundles, corn stalks and matching tablecloths tied the theme together perfectly.



I was excited to make Nicholas’ smash cake for this big day! My cousin made the vanilla and chocolate cupcakes and added adorable barnyard themed candle toppers.  She decorated the cupcake stand with black and white polka dots ribbon and red paper.

The smash cake is a chocolate cake with vanilla buttercream icing.  The fence and letters are made out of fondant but the cool trick I used to create the realistic farm animals and barn is the edible cake toppers. I found images perfect for the theme and printed them on the edible frosting sheets.  Then I cut the animals and barn out with scissors and applied to the fondant to make a 3-D effect of the top and sides of the cake. The edible cake and cupcake toppers can work great on any cake, cookie or cupcake! We have a wide assortment of pre-designed collections or you can create your own toppers.



Nicholas got right into the cake and was covered with green buttercream icing!



And Grace loved her cupcake a little too much, too. This child will never turn down food!



Before the cake and cupcakes, Jaime and Todd had a petting zoo set up for all of the kids (and the adults, too). It was filled with goats, a bunny rabbit and little piggy (my favorite), sheep and chickens!  Everyone had so much fun with the animals and the animals were so gentle…especially with the younger kids.



What a great party!  If you recently had a party and want to share, I would love to showcase your party ideas for our next featured party!  You can contact me through the website or email me at sales@sweetntreats.com


Until tomorrow, have a sweet day!

My cousin is putting together her son’s first birthday party this September and she picked out the Barnyard Farm theme! I love the decor and there are so many great ideas she has already thought of to make this party so amazing.



She is going to make cupcakes with cute barnyard animal toppers to display on a cupcake stand and I’m going to make his “smash” cake to be on the top tier. I’ve been experimenting with different smaller cakes lately since my daughter’s birthday was just a week ago but found some very cute ideas for the inspiration.


John Deere Tractor Cupcake Toppers

How cute are these toppers made out of fondant to look like a John Deere tractor!


Barnyard Animal Cupcakes




Barnyard Cupcake Stand

What a cute display of cupcakes and I love the smash cake.  It may be out of my league to make a cake like that but definitely inspiration!

…and another cute display!

This pulls the whole theme together! With the hay scattered around and the barnyard animal toppers, this looks too good to eat!

And my favorite smash cake idea… 

So cute! Child’s name is around the bottom created with fondant and the frosting is simply piped with the grass tip. Add the chicken cake topper and this is perfect for a little one year old to dig right into for their birthday cake!

So many barnyard ideas but need to brainstorm a little more to find the perfect cake for my cousin!


Until tomorrow, have a sweet day!




What a weekend! We celebrated our daughter’s first birthday on Sunday and I have finally had the chance to upload some of the photos from her special day!


The party theme and decor colors were pink and lime green polka dots with a mod monkey design. Everything came together just as I imagined 😉


Welcome Signs

My biggest worry for the day was the chance of rain since we were planning on having it outside. Luckily, it didn’t rain but we ended up with a hot and humid afternoon.

Table Centerpieces

Outside Table Centerpieces

Box of Ribbons Centerpiece

Dessert Table Decorations

Pom Pom Flowers Centerpiece

Pom Pom Flowers Centerpiece

Happy Birthday Pennant

A Happy Birthday pennant in matching decor colors hung in the dining room with all of the food and desserts.

First Year Photo Banner

Each month with a baby picture

I wanted to display Grace each month and see how she has changed over one year. I first thought about putting her monthly photo in small frames and putting them on a side table but came up with this idea that saved a lot of space.  Each photo was cut into a circle and the month numbers used the same design from the welcome sign. I connected each one with matching brown ribbon and hung it from one of our mantle shelves in the living room. I received so many compliments on it that day!

The Mod Monkey Edible Cupcake Toppers are NOW available on our website to purchase!  Choose from PINK, GREEN or BLUE.  The edible toppers are sold by the dozen and are $9/dozen.


Cupcakes on Stand with Giant Cupcake Smash Cake

Giant Cupcake on the Cupcake Stand

For the main centerpiece on the table I made a 3 tier cupcake stand with Grace’s giant cupcake smash cake on top and standard cupcakes for the guests on the lower tiers. This cupcake stand was created with soup cans, cake rounds, wrapping paper, and ribbon! Saved a lot of money and barely took anytime to put together. I can use the stand again or I can change the color of the each tier by wrapping it in different paper! The cupcakes featured an array of toppers: edible cupcake toppers, printables and fondant decorations.

Edible Cupcake Toppers

3 Tier Cupcake Stand

Giant Cupcake Smash Cake

As for the giant cupcake smash cake, Grace LOVED it! I used the giant cupcake pan that bakes the cake in 2 separate pieces and then you put them together with frosting. I originally was going to cover the bottom with fondant but to be honest…ran out of time so I had to think of something quick and easier to make the base of the cupcake look clean. So I took some white chocolate chips, melted them in the microwave and added green candy dye. I took the cake pan to use as a mold and coated the cupcake bottom section with 2 layers of chocolate …let it harden in the refrigerator for 30 minutes and popped it out. I had to shave down the actual cake bottom to fit into the chocolate mold. Then I added the pink frosting with some chocolate sprinkles!

…and the finished giant cupcake smash cake!

Birthday Girl with Her Cake!

Grace was not shy at all to dig into her cake 😉

Favorite Photo!

High Chair Decorations!

What a great weekend! A lot of work but definitely worth it.

Until tomorrow, have a sweet night!

Good morning,

It was a very busy weekend with Grace’s first birthday party! Everything turned out exactly how I imagined with the decorations, food and desserts but I couldn’t control the weather. It didn’t rain but it was over 90 degrees and pure humidity so most guests tried to keep cool inside.

I have her one year check-up today and need to catch up with work since I was in “party mode” the whole weekend but I wanted to give you a sneak peak of the birthday girl and her giant cupcake smash cake.


In the next post, I’ll have all of the decorations and food for you to see from the day. Also in the next couple blogs, I’ll show you how to make everything.

Until later, have a sweet day!

So today is Thread the Needle Day and to be honest, I wasn’t too thrilled about this one.

Lately, I have been obsessing about my daughter’s first birthday party that we’ll have in the beginning of August.  I know first birthday parties are more for the parents, family, friends, and of course memories for her baby book.  I just want everything to be perfect and finally be able to use the products I have been creating over the past few months and create my own unique tablescape.

Birthday Girl, Grace!


The theme is going to be monkeys with pink and green polka dot decor.  I have always love these designs and feature them as one of our edible cupcake toppers.  Of course, we’ll have these as the edible cupcake toppers and printable toppers!  Also, we’re going to have a giant smash cupcake with a cake topper!  It’s funny because since Grace was a little, little baby we called her “monkey”.

Pink Mod Monkey Edible Cupcake Toppers


There is so much I want to do and be creative with…so far, we sent out the invitations and I think they look so cute!  I made these in Illustrator and used the monkey graphics from the edible topper designs.  Not too shabby 😉


This is what her birthday onesie will look like except with her name on it. It should be arriving shortly! I cannot wait to see how it turned out! Perhaps a matching tutu to complete the outfit?



Here’s some other ideas that I found that I would love to re-create myself and put a little twist on them to make them my own since it’s exciting to me to try some DIY party decor.

High Chair Decorations


Welcome Sign


Paper Flower Pom-Poms


Giant Smash Cupcake


There are so many cute ideas I have found to try but there is only so much time to create all these! Better start some tonight…

I’ll post some photos of the birthday girl on her big day as well as the actual birthday party decor! Wish me luck!

Until tomorrow, have a sweet day!